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Traditional Usui System Reiki

Heal yourself and others with the powerful tools in your hands

Reiki is an ancient system of touch therapy.  It offers a wonderful sense of nurturing while accomplishing the clearing and balancing of the energy system.  It is excellent for preventative care; assisting in healing once issues arise, and excellent for hospice. 

If a family member learns reiki while caretaking a dying relative, their being the practitioner for the person in transition is rewarding for both.  It gives the patient assistance in the process, while giving the practitioner the ability to participate in the process, rather than merely helplessly standing by and watching.  Reiki is also extremely helpful in the birthing process.  Needless to say, a daily self-treatment is the ultimate in loving one's person.


Mary's Reiki One Class takes 2 days, and teaches self-treatment positions, the chair treatment and the table treatment.  Cost $150

Reiki Two covers Inner Child Healing, sending healing long distance and four symbols.  It is a 2 day class and costs $300.

Advanced Practitioner Class teaches more symbols and healing techniques and is required for Master Teaching Training.  Cost $300, 2 days.

Reiki Master Teacher training takes one year and costs $1000.

To become a certified practitioner, only Reiki One is required, although most are called to go further.  Email Mary at to come to your corner of the world to teach Reiki.




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