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Pre-Swim Channeling Session

by the dolphins through Calvin Styles
Spokesperson for the dolphins is Big Mama,
matriarch of the pod

We like working with smaller groups because the energy becomes more concentrated. Mary, we appreciate what you do. We know you do it at great sacrifice.

You are all wondering what we have in store for you tomorrow. We have been monitoring you from time to time to determine what needs to be done. Some of you have felt stuck, in that you feel there have been some blockages you have not been able to let go of. We are going to help with that process. Like you in this room, the dolphins are extra-terrestrials. They have a divine purpose unknown by the average person on your planet.

(Calvin asked them why he hasn’t seen results in some of the previous swimmers.)

All we can do is send energy. Many are not ready to be healed. The key is they feel they are not ready. We do the best we can. Once they go home, they close down again. You must feel deserving. You must be totally open, and you must have faith it happens. Children are the easiest to heal because they are the most open. We probe the mind, see blockages, the whole life history and sometimes future events.

(Calvin asked how wild dolphins and whales help with planetary evolution.)

They move from one energy vortex to the other, holding a grid in place, using their energies and sound. Most humans are not aware of their higher purpose, what they contribute to the planet. For all of you in the room, you are all elders. You have done much to heal the inner you. For some it has been quite difficult.

J: They have been prodding you since September because they felt it was time for you to come and have the experience. Around December, some entities worked on your lower hip, to allow energy to flow unimpeded and help with the kidneys. What you are experiencing is a karmic condition and deep in your being you feel you have failed God…a carry over from a past lifetime. You have not failed. You have been successful. Tomorrow we will send energy to both sides of the back, midway between the should blades, coming together at the base of the spine…filling that area with energy. Energy will also be sent to the chest area. Neurologically, they will begin the process of repair. Right brain, center and base is where healing is needed. The process will take 6-8n months to complete. There might be a young dolphin in the water with you.

N: One of the dolphins has their flipper around you, calling you his sweetheart. Much of the work with you tomorrow deals with bridging the right and left hemisphere. You will gain more clarity. In the past you would hold energy here (points to chest under the arms).

(Calvin asked NB, "At 17, were you in an accident?" "Two," she replied.)  They are going to dislodge the energy from the accident, so energy can flow through you without impediment. You are strongly connected to the energy of another planetary system. They can’t get information to you because of your doubts. The dolphin is connected to this energy. Trust what you are hearing and feeling. (They show Calvin her leg and hip. Not a problem now but could be in the future.) The dolphins will send energy to keep it from happening.

They want you to allow the two dolphins to push you by the soles of the feet.  This will help dislodge blockages being held in this part of the body. In about two years you are going to be in a totally different place in terms of what you are able to do.

Some of you are connected to dolphins and we too act as guides. But when you see us in your mind’s eye, we appear as humans. We are able to leave three dimensional reality at will and can shape shift. Please be advised there is no such thing as a wild dolphin. We too have our rogues. We too have those among us who are not enlightened. It is that way with any species. Even down to the insect level. No not judge us by the actions of a few. Those who are not in alignment are usually banished from those of light energy.

NB, you are going to teach that which you know. More traveling for you in the future. You might be coming back with a young child or children. Do you have a granddaughter? She seems to be advanced spiritually. We would like to see her.

J: They will answer your question before the night is over.

N: (Calvin asks, "Before we begin, did you ever fantasize about riding on the back of a dolphin?" ((Yes)) "This may be a past life…I am seeing you standing on the edge of a body of water, singing and dolphins come to listen to you. They called you to them your 16th year.")  

The dolphins remark, "We knew this time would come. It is part of your destiny. We too would like to interact with you."

Calvin comments, "I see you laying on your back in the water and a dolphin swims under the length of your body, sending energy to the small of your back.  They are also sending energy through the back into the heart. What is a chambered nautilus?" "The affinibinacci sequence," answers N. "If you slice a conch shell, that is the patter," Mary adds. "It is symbolic of the spiritual heart," continues Calvin.

"You sometimes feel you have been split in two. What they are going to do is symbolically speaking, knit you together energetically. You are going to eject, release, soon. Your guides say they have been working with you since your 18th year to let go. The dolphins are saying to do a meditation going into the heart. Based on what is accomplished determines what they can do tomorrow.  They will circle the brain. Right hemisphere of the brain. Activate circuits there. They are looking at the back. One or two inches from the spine on the right side. Any problems there?" "Yes," she replies. They are going into the mind. What is your concern about your mother?"

"She doesn’t eat the right things and is becoming forgetful."

"They are talking about the past, about feeling accepted. Not accepted, or understood."

J: Your major challenge in this lifetime is to forgive yourself…past lifetimes…you don’t know what we are talking about. A past-life regression would be very helpful. We can help you release that memory. You are not ready yet.  But much of what we are going to do will be concentrated with the mind and brain. That is what they sent you for this time.

Mary: (Mary is not getting in the water this time.) They will send you energy nonetheless. No escaping them! There is some fatty tissue on the right side. You will face the water and they will dissolve fatty tissue around the liver.

To the Group: You swim with all of us. We bilocate and can work on different people at the same time. Three dolphins will be swimming with you and one will be a baby. Big Mama is on the periphery. They haven’t quite decided the line-up. All are vying to work with you. The decision will be made about 4:00 this morning.

J., does this have to do with headaches and depression? (Yes)

NB asks, "Will the granddaughter you saw be back in our lives the next time?"  Calvin asks, "Is she with the mother?" "Yes," NB replies. "Her mother is regretting some things surrounding her actions. Feeling some guilt. Reason being…some people who have crossed over have talked to her about her behavior. There will be a shift in about two years. When the time comes, bring her to the dolphins. Because she indeed is a healer. It is primarily her emotional body they will be working with.




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