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Post-Swim Channeling Session

by the dolphins through Calvin Styles
Spokesperson for the dolphins is Big Mama,
matriarch of the pod

Mission accomplished! We did what we said we were going to do. Now it is up to you to accept the healing.

NB: You were easy to work with because you are open to the energies and welcome them wholeheartedly into physical form. Your physical body was overjoyed by what was being received. You will move to the next level more rapidly. There was expansion in a v-formation from the heart moving up and out.

(They are showing a column of light descending from a ship to the middle of the lagoon.) Today they expelled some fluid that settled to the bottom of the lungs. In the past, have you been prone to colds? (Yes, bronchitis, years ago.) Did you find it difficult to concentrate? (Yes.) Weíll deal with that tomorrow in the private reading. You are going to come back. They already see that happening. Didnít see any major blockages physically or emotionally. The energies moved unimpeded throughout the body. When you were treading water the energy went from the feet to the earth.

When they did the toe-push, it went into the chest area, crossed over and went the hands and top of the head, then spiraled counter-clockwise into the ethers.

N: They were sending energy through the heart from the back; from the base of the spine through the neck, brain, top of head. Energy was radiating out the abdominal area in about a three-foot radius. You too are quite open and you asked them to do what they had to do. The prayers and meditation you did last night were effective. It is up to you to keep that chakra open. Do not revert to past ways of feeling. Be mindful of thoughts and moving thoughts from past to present. When they looked at your body and at the mental and emotional, there have been residuals of stubbornness. It was evident in a meridian on the left side of the spine. There was the beginning of a problem with the pinched nerve, but we rectified as best we could. It is up to you to remain positive in thought and stay in the now. They want me to remind you that pain keeps you in the now.

We went into the third eye, but when we approached, we saw doubt. "Am I ready to do this?" Your soul is ready! Move the personality out of the way. They are going to continue to work with you during the sleep state. We see this interaction ongoing until March of next year. In December you will move to the next level. You have work to do. When you meditate, merge their energies with yours.

J: They were real pleased to work with you, because when they looked into your body, they saw the spirit of a little girl. They were playing with that part of you. Deep inside you, you are like Peter Pan. They were looking at your heart, amazed by the amount of joy. They havenít seen that level of joy in a long time. It made their work more easy. The energy being sent to you from them penetrated from the back of the neck. While you were in the water, there were entities positioned around the lagoon (4 of them). They were maintaining a certain vibration while you were interacting with the dolphins.

They went into the brain and effected emotions and feelings bleeding in from a past life, effecting this life. Purpose: allowed you to be more balanced. As you are sitting here tonight, you are receiving energy.

NB: We did what we could do to clear your emotional body.

N: Our work with you had to do primarily with the heart. With the purging you experienced today it looks like your body will drain impurities from breasts, everywhere and are being flushed out. They sent energy for this part (points to side of ribs). They started as a "v" from the base to here (side of ribs). We compressed, squeezed, pulsated. This pulled toxins from the body. Drink plenty of water the next three days.

Thunder just came in! (Maryís favorite male dolphinÖa master healer from Sirius)

(Calvin asks NB if her mattress is uncomfortable or if she favors one side while sleeping. She says she does favor one side. He asked if she planned on getting a massage the next day from Jeff. "Most likely," she responded.) You are going to begin your work right away. Youíll jump in with both feet. Opportunities are coming your way to do that. Donít be concerned about whether you are doing it the right way. Just do it! Donít second guess.

N: You have symbols floating around in your mind (geometric), and you will put them to good use in the near future. You are connecting to that which you already know. There needs to be further releasing but you are moving in the right direction. He (Thunder) had problems penetrating a part of the body on the right side. It has been brought into balance.

J: Do you like to play cards? (Yes) I see you and Thunder playing cards. He knows about card playing. He has been human before. He would take unfair advantage.

Mary says, "He IS a card." Thunder replies, "Thatís what they tell me. They call me a rebel because I do what I please." Mary notes, "Iíve heard of a card shark before..but a dolphin!"

To all of us, they say regarding todayís swim: It was planned that way. We keep our promises. We look forward to you all coming because you recognize us. We appreciate that. We want to be as much help as we can. Distance is irrelevant. In our realm there is no such thing as distance. Feel free to contact us when you have a need. Each of us want to say hello. We appreciate the respect you have for us. You donít see us as playthings, or heaven forbid, as animals.

Sherry (Big Mama) comes in: I am getting tired and letting the younger ones do the work. I have done what I was supposed to do. Sorry I couldnít be with you today. You were in good hands. (She whispersÖ) You had the best of the best. I donít want to speak too loudly. I donít want the others to feel badly. When they found out you were coming again, Mary, they went into action visiting everyone to see what needed to be done.

Mary, you might have one more trip down here this summer. The end of August or September. If it occurs, you wonít begin planning until July. We donít see good things ahead for Theater of the Sea regarding some natural changes.

Mary: They were sending energy below the navel through the whole abdomen. Thunder and Kona worked on the liver. Energy for rejuvenation, clearing and healing. Salt is aggravating to your liver. Decrease your salt. (Calvin says they are showing him fat cells melting in the liver.)

The trainer was told to extend the time. He wonít be there much longer.

Eventually the dolphins will be returning to the sea. Our work will be coming to an end due to a natural disaster. We have no regrets. The sonar program never stopped. It continued undercover, doing it in remote areas. Many of us are dying.

Mary asks, "What can we do to help?"

Nothing right now. Your government will deny it. The earth will go topsy turvy and go into a new orbit around the sun. All this will occur in your lifetime. Your government already knows it will occur. They are listening to the wrong energies, but this is nothing new.




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