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Pamela Panneton will be leading an excellent shamanic study in Peru in July, 2012.

See her website schedule for details:


Sunrise Machu Picchu

 Huayna Picchu


Next June we will conduct a small study group with shamans in Matchu Piccu, the Sacred Valley and Cusco.  We will stay in Aguas Calientes, Anton Ponce de Leon's orphanage in the Valley, and a Franciscan orphanage in Cusco. The Andean Path is a belief system based on the Inca ideology : life lived in harmony with nature, man and God. Teachers and practitioners of the Andean Path believe that by practicing the principles of this philosophy and using its tools, we become capable of seeing living energy and our place in it. The process of the initiation is beautifully described in Elizabeth B. Jenkin's book, Initiation.

We make the process as nurturing as it can be by providing comfortable sleeping environments and nutritious food. After a couple of days in the Machu Picchu area studying with Ever, we will move up to our base in the Sacred Valley. We stay with Anton Ponce de Leon at Samana Wasi. Please review for reading list to prepare for trip.

We also encourage gifts of clothing and school supplies be brought by the participants. There are many orphanages in Peru desparately in need of supplies. If you are interested in more information, email Mary at: 

*Does not include air fare. We will meet in Lima, stay there one day for rest and classes and fly to Cusco the next morning. A $500 deposit is required to hold your place.  Balance must be paid by April 4.

Here's what you would bring...


The Spirit of the Andes

An article by Brian T Sanderoff.

Chumpi Paqo

Peruvian Belting Ceremony

Hatun Karpay, Shamanic Studies

Initiation into the Andean Path



Flowering Ceremony
at Machu Picchu

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Mary's Godson Luis

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Leaving the Water Ceremony at Tipon




An article by Brian T Sanderoff, P.D.

Some 500 years ago the Incan Empire in South America met its demise. Strong willed Spanish Conquistadors invaded Incan territory and easily defeated a people that were already significantly weakened by the Smallpox epidemic that preceded the Spanish invasion. In the name or their Queen and their religion, the Spanish were determined to convert all of the native peoples away from their "heathen" spiritual practices and into Christianity. From all appearances… they were successful. However...  (more)




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