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Preparing for Spiritual Healing with Brother Gregorio

Note: The following explanation of Spiritual Healing through the Sacred Opening. Sacred Cupping and Sacred Plate is offered to assist all in understanding and maintaining their healing.

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History Of The Philippine Healers

Brother Gregorio was born into a family that preserves the mystical tradition of Spiritual Healing in the Philippines. Each healer incarnating in the Philippines is born with the energetic matrix or 'wiring' within their Soul from previous lifetimes of service to the Light to be a conduit for the Divinity. This wiring must be of a sufficient 'gauge' to harness and conduct the higher frequencies of the Divinity just as the wiring within a house must be of a sufficient gauge to supply electricity to the house. And just as a house needs a switch to allow the electricity to flow, so does the healer need a switch to activate the energies of the Divinity to flow. The ancient prayers used in healing are the switch that sends the signal to the Divinity which responds to the healer who has the appropriate 'wiring' and attunement. Brother Gregorio's uncle, a master bone healer, recognized young Gregorio's soul as having the appropriate 'wiring' or gift, to carry on the lineage of healing in the family. As a child, young Gregorio would be taken to the Holy Mountain by his uncle where he aligned himself through prayer, fasting, and devotion to the Source of all that is. This gave Gregorio immense joy and inspiration that kindled in him the desire to become a priest. However, his mother doubted if he could physically tolerate the austerities of the Catholic Priesthood because he was a sickly and weak child with frequent convulsions and high fevers. Even when taken to the best doctors, they couldn't find the cause or cure for his disorder. One day, at the age of seven, Gregorio, wanted to go to the Cathedral to pray at Mass. But due to bad weather, his mother wouldn't allow him to go. He went out anyway and when approaching the church steps, he saw an old beggar woman limping with hand outstretched for money. Innocently, Gregorio reached into his pocket and gave her what few coins he had. As he placed the coins in her hands, she held his hand looking deep into his eyes with profound sweetness and love telling him that someday he would go to places far away and do wonderful work for the Lord. Gregorio, energized by her touch and confused by what she said, took only a few steps to the Cathedral before turning around to ask her what she meant. To his amazement, she was not there. Filled with a mixture of joy and fear, he bolted up the steps and into the cathedral for he knew the old beggar woman was 'Our Mother of Perpetual Help', the Mother Mary of the Lord Jesus. She then began appearing to Gregorio, in his dreams encouraging him to accept the gift of healing. She also came to him during his feverish convulsions, reassuring him that once he accepted his destiny, he would be healed of his strange illness. After two years of contemplating the commitment that this decision would make, Gregorio embraced his Path. True to the promise that the Holy Mother had made, Gregorio became well. Several years passed as his spiritual faculties matured and then at the age of 14, he began his healing ministry. When Brother Gregorio first started his healing ministry in the U.S.A., he traveled with his uncle. In their travels, they were invited to dinner by a man who had inherited his grandfather's library of Kabbalah. Drawn to one of the books on the shelf, Gregorio's uncle opened the book to a page where he found some of the very same prayers that had been passed to him by his master in bone healing. Through his inner vision he saw that many of the ancient prayers used in the healing could be found not only in the inner teachings of Christianity, but that these in turn extended back in time to the 13 th tribe of Israel, ancient Egypt, ancient Atlantis, and to the ancient continent of Lemuria of which the Philippine Islands are a remnant. The ancient Lemurian energy that permeates the Philippine Islands assists in the cultivation of the higher faculties of the healers to receive the inner teachings and guidance from the angelic and devic kingdoms and the higher dimensions of the Christos or Christ Consciousness. Through the healer's devotions, an aspect of the Divinity will present itself either physically, as with the old beggar woman for Brother Gregorio, or within the healer's consciousness. It is from this Divine Source that the healing comes. Therefore, Brother Gregorio will claim that he is not the healer, he is only the instrument. That there is only one healer and that is the Divinity.

Brother Gregorio's 3 Gifts of Healing

First Gift of Healing: The Sacred Opening


One of the gifts of Spirit through which the Divine Energy is transmitted is by what Brother Gregorio calls the 'sacred opening'. In the ancient Kabbalah a similar blessing imparted by the High Priest who removed blockages of energy by entering the body with his hands was referred to as 'kvitlach'. In the western culture the slang term 'psychic surgery' was coined out of ignorance and confusion arising from the observations of this sacred phenomena. The 'sacred opening' does not utilize energies from the psychic' or astral realm. And the 'sacred opening' is certainly not 'surgery' in the allopathic sense where there is an invasion or trauma to the body Divinity.

Second Gift of Healing- Sacred Cupping


The sacred cups are an extension of the energy flowing through Brother's Gregorio's hands. Before using the sacred cups, Brother Gregorio will sometimes first determine where they are to be applied by using strips of paper dipped in water and pulled on the bare skin. On the ends of the paper are ancient prayers that cause the paper to "stick" at the site needing attention. Brother Gregorio will then energize his sacred cups with kabbalistic prayers passed to him by his uncle and place the cups where guided. The blocked energy is spiraled out counter-clockwise and unlike massage which presses down on tissues and structures, the sacred cupping pulls up on tissues and structures, loosening and separating muscle and fascia (the connective tissue which surrounds muscles) affecting deep layers by pulling, decompressing, and stretching. This stimulates the life force energy or chi to flow through the fascia channels and energy meridians mobilizing, stagnant lymph and restoring a healthy flow of energy to the organs. It also loosens ligaments, frees joints, helps with the removal of toxins, oxygenates the blood and releases crystalline negative patterns held in the cells caused by emotional trauma, illness, or physical injury.

Third Gift of Healing: The Sacred Plate


The 'sacred plate' is a shamanic ceremony that takes an energetic reading of entities or dark forces in the auric field by using sacred incense taken from the Holy Mountain of the Philippines. With his prayers and the assistance of his spiritual guide, usually the Archangel Michael, Brother Gregorio will ask forgiveness on behalf of the client for any offense knowingly or unknowingly committed and then ask the entity or dark force to leave. The client will then complete the ceremony by either burning the remaining incense or burying it within the earth, invoking the Divine Energies of our earthly Mother to assist in the transmutation process. Without removal, these dark force energies may prevent a condition from healing. Brother Gregorio will be able to determine after the second session if a third session with the sacred plate is needed.


Preparation Before Your Healing

1. Eat light, normal meals for the day. Do not fast. You need the energy for healing.
2. Drink an 8 oz glass of water before and after the healing. The water helps conduct the electromagnetic energies imparted.
3. Quiet the mind through prayer, meditation, or contemplating, the Divine.
4. Be clear in your intention for healing, and keep an open heart and mind.
5. Don't be rushed. Although the actual time with Brother Gregorio is 45 minutes, allow 2 hours for everything, including preparation before and integration after the healing.


During Your Healing

1. Keep conversation to a minimum, just enough to communicate your intentions.
2. Do not distract Brother Gregorio when he is imparting energy.
3. Let your awareness be gently with the areas in need of healing so your body knows it is being loved by you as well as the Divine.
4. Give gratitude to the Divine for the assistance received.



Following Your Healing


1. Rest is extremely important. Initially upon leaving the healing room, some may feel energized and lighter due to the Light that has been imparted, blessing all with an increased vibratory rate in the cells. Others may feel a little tired. In either case, the body needs the rest to help integrate the energies. Therefore, immediately after the healing, sit quietly or lie down for not less than 1/2 hour (1 hour or more is better).
2. You may feel 'spaced out' with some difficulty concentrating. This is because the energy fields have been expanded. Again, rest is the remedy. Take as much rest as your body tells you it needs over the next few days.
3. Drink a minimum of 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water a day. Drink this between meals. The increased vibration in the cells causes a more rapid detoxification. Increased water intake will assist the organs of elimination to do their job.
4. Do not shower or bathe until the next day. The water may disturb the energies and make the tissues swell after the sacred cupping.
5. No sex or excitement for 24 hours (disturbs the energies).
6. X-rays neutralize the spiritual, magnetic energies imparted. These energies continue for 3to4 weeks after as the body is healing. If you want to maximize your healing, consider what is appropriate for the timing of x-rays.
7. The best way to keep the energies flowing is through gratitude. Gratitude keeps the crown chakra open for continued Divine Assistance. If the old thought patterns attempt to return and you feel doubt and fear, without denying these feelings, just breathe deeply and gently shift your attention to the Source of Love and Forgiveness and give the same to yourself. In doing this you will be less likely to recreate that which has been released.

Commonly Asked Questions 

Q. Why is more than one session suggested?"
A. One session is beneficial and for some is all that is needed. But for most, two sessions commonly complete the healing process for that time, clearing the detoxifying residue and integrating on deeper levels. Also, others need more than one session depending on the length of time they've had a condition and the number of conditions they need assistance with." Healing is like peeling the layers of an onion. One layer is peeled off only to reveal another layer. Life is a process and healing is a process. By going to the deeper core, we make more rapid progress.

Q. "Why does my friend feel great after their healing and I feel worse?"
A. " Everyone is different and will utilize the healing energies differently depending on what the
intelligence of the body determines that it needs. Natural healing is not always a 'feel good' process. Symptoms do not always go away immediately with natural healing and may even be accentuated as healing is occurring. It is not uncommon for a slight elevated temperature afterwards as the body is cleansing or for pain to increase. Some report feeling lighter and relieved immediately following the healing only to feel run over by a 'Mac truck' the next day with aches and pains in new areas. Often this is because the body is healing itself so fast that the cells and tissues cannot handle it without pain. It is also common to fear that a 2nd session will make one feel worse. Rather, the 2nd session clears out the psychic debris that has been stirred up and takes the healing to a deeper level of integration. It is like the dust stirred up when sweeping a room, but in reality the dirt is on its way out. With the 2nd session this is not only cleared and relief given, but energy is restored, replacing the 'wiped out' feeling and people generally feel 200% better than before the healing process began."

Q. " Why is the sacred cupping sometimes uncomfortable?"
A." As mentioned earlier, the sacred cupping uses prayer and breath to call forth healing from a very deep level to unblock and release the unwanted energies in the system that prevents us from achieving optimal health. The more the energy is blocked, the more uncomfortable it can be. But, as Brother Gregorio says, quoting a repair sign on the highway, "temporary inconvenience for permanent improvement." The discoloration of the skin and discomfort one may feel can vary depending on the magnitude of the problem associated with each individual. Brother Gregorio humorously refers to the discolorations as "American hickies" or "St. Germaine kisses". These are harmless and will fade completely in the next three to ten days. Interestingly, once cleared, the sacred cups applied to the same area will not produce any discoloration or discomfort. However, old memories of past trauma may be released as healing is occurring contributing to the feeling of imbalance and discomfort the following day. Again, the 2nd session will rebalance the system with relief given for deeper integration.

Q. "Why does Brother Gregorio work on areas different from where I have my problem?"
A. "Brother Gregorio works where he is guided. There may be areas that need more immediate attention or that are somehow related to or are the underlying cause of the symptoms. One must trust the guidance of the Holy Spirit as It moves through Brother Gregorio."


Q. "Do I need to have something wrong with me to see Brother Gregorio?"
A. "About half of the clients seeing Brother Gregorio now are healers themselves desiring of a deeper cleansing and attunement of the chakras to be clearer instruments for those they serve. As their Light is amplified, they can give more Light to their clients. For other clients that are not actively doing healing work, they find that a "spiritual tune up" or "spiritual jiffy lube" keeps the energies flowing harmoniously, avoiding potential blocks of energy that may be forming which could create health problems in the future."

Q. "What religion is Brother Gregorio affiliated with?"
A. "Although Brother Gregorio was raised Catholic and educated by the Jesuits in a private Catholic school, his spiritual perspectives are universal and embrace the Truth of the Holy Spirit. He therefore became a minister of the Church of Tzaddi. The Church of Tzaddi is a nondenominational Christian Church chartered in the State of California in 1963 to further explore the inner mysteries of Christianity and the metaphysical understandings of life. Tzaddi is the 18Ih letter of the Hebrew alphabet which in itself is a rubric prayer that means:

"Peace be unto you." "To light the Light of the Christ within." "The Divinity within doeth the work, I am only the channel."




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