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August 29-September 13, 2015


(Sold out. Let us know if you want to be on waiting list.) 


 Our Itinerary:

Saturday, August 29__Depart U.S. for Brasilia. You will arrive in Brasilia on Monday morning.

Sunday__We will check into the Golden Tulip Hotel, have breakfast rest for a day and a half. 

Monday_After brunch, we tour the Temple of Good Will in Brasilia to walk the labyrinth and declare our intentions for healing.  Then we head for the Casa. We will pick up cases of blessed water for our rooms and take a tour of the grounds.

Tuesday_In the morning we volunteer to prep vegetables for the soup kitchen. In the evening, we will attend the orientation at the Casa after dinner.  It is important to follow the protocols prescribed.  They often change, so even if you have attended orientation before, it is a good idea to attend again.

Wednesday through Friday_John of God sees people Wednesday through Friday.  If you are scheduled for surgery, you will spend a day in bed and be given a regimen for healing. If you are not scheduled for surgery the first day, you will be given a regimen to prepare you for future work. Major healing has taken place simply by offering meditation time in the Current Room. Keep in mind that "surgery" is spiritual. Actual cutting or "physical" surgery is only done at your request.

Between Saturday and the following Wednesday when John of God returns, you will be very busy filling his suggestions for your healing work, which may include sacred waterfall visits.  Evening rosary is offered daily as well as other spiritual gatherings at the Casa.

Our final Saturday, September 12th__After lunch, we leave for the Brasilia and visit Dom Bosco Cathedral to give our thanks.  After a Brasilian dinner, we go to the airport.  

Sunday, September 13th__Group arrives in U.S.    


It is impossible to describe the miracles that occur at the Casa, the Healing House of John of God. Life changing experiences will nurture your soul forever. We suggest you read John of God by Heather Cummings before you come. Email us with your phone number if you have questions. We highly recommend taking the time to rest before and after the Casa visit. Straight through travelling without rest will leave you very tired.  We understand that work restrictions apply for some.  Give your schedule careful consideration. Recovery time is most important for healing. The entities that work through John of God continue your healing for many months after your visit. Be prepared to receive your healing in a variety of ways, means and time frames.

*based on double occupancy at the Golden Tulip only; all rooms at the puosada are single rooms (unless you feel more comfortable sharing with a friend).  $500 non refundable deposit required. Make check payable to Mary Bontempo and mail to: 5625 Ashbourne Road, Halethorpe, MD 21227. The prices do not reflect air fare to Brasilia. Your fee includes land travel to and from the village (only if you are arriving and departing the same time as the rest of the group*), the stay at the Golden Tulip, 2 meals/day and rooms at the Casa, a case of blessed water in your room at arrival.

*Check with Mary on group arrival and departure times to ensure you don't have to book additional taxi.  



Mary Bontempo

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