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Baba Credo Mutwa

Song of the Stars

Intensive with Credo Mutwa


A 10 day Intensive with Zulu Shaman Baba Credo Mutwa in his home of South Africa.

Experiencing and exploring the messages from the stars with Eve Bruce and Mary Bontempo


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(Note: Please contact our travel agent Chintha for flight arrangements: Her email is   She will do her best to see we arrive at the same time and at a reasonable price.)  Please feel free to call Chinta at ( 410 ) 472-6880 or 337-7700 for your travel arrangements.

                   Photography by Tara Tylicki


Not to be missed! This unprecedented and rare opportunity will not be available for very long. This great Zulu Sanusi, high holy man, prophet, protector of the Zulu peoples and Keeper of Zulu knowledge has invited us to be with him as he imparts knowledge from the stars, previously only divulged to initiates after many years of strenuous testing, now to be shared with the few who are called to him before he departs this life on Earth.

Meet daily with this world renowned healer, prophet, artist and story-teller. Hear of his phenomenal successes with Cancer and AIDS. Baba Credo imparts deep cosmic knowledge concerning the ways of the universe from his home in Africa, the birthplace of mankind, and from the songs of the stars.

Known worldwide for his communication with the star peoples (see "Passport to the Cosmos" by John Mack), this high holy man will gift us with his insights.  

"This wisdom of Africa surfacing today begins with Nelson Mandela and Credo Mutwa - Mutwa's mythology complements Mandela's political journey. There is medicine for the soul here. Credo Mutwa talks without fear and without pretense about our relationships to each other, about the natural world, about what some people call the supernatural, and about beings from other places among the stars, making the most amazing things seem commonplace. One feels his wonderful humanity and the genius of his people in these stories."
                       -- Luisah Teish author of "Jamabalaya" and "Carnival of the Spirit".

 "Credo Mutwa was to prove to be a very successful sangoma (zulu shaman), and eventually was elevated to the rank of High Sanusi like the Indian sannyasin, a holy man who has taken vows. In this way he came to be the leader of over 500 other traditional healers. 'They look upon me as their father figure,' was how he put it, 'and come to me whenever they have forgotten some aspect of traditional healing. When I was made into a sanusi, I took a vow never to reveal my knowledge, never to tell people about my profession or about sacred artifacts like this one, and many others that I am entrusted with. But I feel that this vow is a hindrance, and some years ago I decided to break it. The result of this is that many people have ostracized me and many people have bitterly blamed me for what I have done.'

"Credo Mutwa very much believes in the value of tradition, but also affirms that we live in changing times. The traditions are to be kept, but their influence is to be made open to a larger audience than the faithful among the Zulu people."

--   Stephen Larsen,
editor of ""Song of the Stars - The Lore of a Zulu Shaman";

author of "The Shaman's Doorway"
and "A Fire in the Mind: The Life of Joseph Campbell"


 Suggested reading:

  • "Zulu Shaman: Dreams, Prophecies and Wisdom" by Credo Mutwa
  • "Indaba, My Children" by Credo Mutwa
  • "Heaven's Mirror: Quest for the Lost Civilization"
                   by Graham Hancock and Santha Faiia
  • "Shaman, M.D." by Eve Bruce


 *Includes workshop, lodging, land transport and meals. Does not include international airfare. Make flight arrangements through Brigid Peirson Travel so we all arrive at the same time. There will be an additional pick-up fee for those making their own travel arrangements


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