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From the late fifties to the 1990's, Mary was involved in social reform and environmental work on national and local levels. She is responsible for the banning of asbestos in the US during the building of the World Trade Center, and was the plaintiff for the American public against the US Government to enforce the Clean Air Act.

Mary worked in community organizing and crisis intervention for a United Way agency and the Benedictine Monks in Baltimore for 10 years. She began practicing reiki in 1989, although hands on healing has been a part of the family lineage for several generations.

While on staff at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore for two years, she began teaching and practicing reiki at the hospital. She continues to do presentations for Hopkins medical staff several times a year, and teaches patients in other American hospitals. Mary offers reiki classes yearly at the International Hypnotherapy Conference and on a personal level in countries across the globe.

Mary currently lives between Baltimore, Maryland and Cairo, Egypt, where she practices and teaches reiki.

Mary can be contacted in the U.S. at this number: (443) 453-7060; or email her at: or telephone (443) 453-7060

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Mary Bontempo

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